Bowling at Bogart's Entertainment Center 2022
***Please note that these requests require prior approval from the donor and will take longer than usual to approve. Please submit at least two weeks in advance.***

If you have to cancel within a 48-hour window of arrival, please call Bogart's to inform them you will not attend. 952-432-1515

Tickets available Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 4 PM


***If you need to cancel this event last minute due to illness or emergency, please contact Bogart's at 952-432-1515 so they can provide your lane to someone else. DO NOT reschedule your trip with Bogart's directly, but instead put in a new ticket request to reschedule. Please remember, events are only to be cancelled in cases of emergency.***

Maximum group size of 10 (5 per lane)

2 hours of bowling with shoe rental

Just like all events offered by Tickets for Kids, we expect the highest level of respect and to the venue and the service they provide. Make sure to review these simple “do’s and don’ts” of bowling with your kids and families before they visit Bogart’s

• Be polite! This is a great opportunity to teach kids about good sportsmanship so everyone has fun
• Pick a ball that is the right weight for the kid bowling. Bogart’s has kids and adult sizes!
• Wear the proper footwear provided. We want to keep the bowling approach protected!
• Always wait your turn and stay only on your designated lane
• Only roll the ball when its our turn and only after the sweep in front of the pins is out of the way

• Balls should always be rolled down the lane, never thrown
• Keep fingers safe! Make sure kids understand the rules of the ball return and keep fingers at a safe distance
• Always wait until the sweep in front of the pins is out of the way before bowling. Hitting this sweep can cause damage to the equipment
• Food and drinks are not allowed on the lanes (wooden surface). Please stay in the designated food areas (settee area behind wooden surface).
• Stay behind the foul line on the lane. The lane is very slippery and can cause injury if you walk on the lane surface.

We want to ensure we keep a great relationship with this generous partner. Take pictures, have fun, and respect the rules!

Remember: It is important that you and/or your chaperones do not contact our venue partners to reschedule ticket dates and times. All changes must be made through the portal. Please ensure your chaperones are aware of this policy.
Age Range:

1/3/2022 9:00 AM - 12/30/2022 4:00 PM

Bogart's Entertainment Center
14917 Garrett Avenue
Apple Valley, MN 55124